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    Call for abrasive blasting in the Greater Perth Region and beyond

    Millers Mobile Sandblasting in Perth is a family run business that has been in the abrasive blasting industry for more than 40 years. We specialise in everything from precision decorative finishes to the most heavy duty industrial cleaning. After we have finished preparing or cleaning a surface we can apply a durable protective coating to ensure long-lasting results.

    Millers Mobile Sandblasting caters to everything from small, surface preparation jobs at your home to large commercial and industrial jobs. We can help you with any private, public, or domestic work anywhere in Perth (and beyond!). Contact us today for a free quote and complete satisfaction with your abrasive blasting project!

    Decorative Concrete

    There's no need to let your concrete stay dull! Different textured finishes can be used to create patterns, designs, or images. Coloured stones and oxides can also be used to enhance creative and architectural designs. Light abrasive blasting will achieve a non-slip surface with little aggregate showing, while heavier blasting will expose more aggregate. With us, drab concrete can be a thing of the past.

    Cleaning & Preparation

    Abrasive blast cleaning is a very powerful form of heavy duty cleaning. It's excellent for cleaning industrial machinery, structural steel, vehicles, bricks, render, swimming pools, and even some wooden surfaces. It effectively removes rust and paint from metal planes, bringing them back to a clean finished state, ready for repainting or another project.

    Protective Coating

    To ensure your newly abrasive blasted surface maintains a superb finish for as long as possible, Millers Mobile Sandblasting also provides protective coating. A top-quality protective coating means a more durable surface, and less wear, tear and cost on repairs in the long run!
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